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Retry checkout step in case of connection error/server load #3465

robinshen ADMIN ·
To do this, put your original checkout step inside a sequential container, say "checkout retries", and configure below settings of the checkout step:
1. in advanced setting of the step, add a repeat parameter, say "retry", with value set to "1, 2, 3" (means to retry for three times)
2. change build condition of the checkout step to execute below script:
def prevExecuted = step.previousExecutedSibling;
if (prevExecuted != null) {
if (prevExecuted.failed) {
// previous try failed, let's sleep awhile before retrying
return true;
} else { // we've executed the checkout successfully, so no longer need to repeat the execution
return false;
} else {
// this is first execution of our checkout step, let's run it
return true;
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DavidW ·

i've got two questions.
I have several checkout steps in a parallel container. If I would use your retry solution, I would have to put every single checkout step into a sequential container (which are then in the parallel container)?

Is it possible to get this as a basic functionality (like a "Retry Step when failed X Times") in future QuickBuild Versions?

robinshen ADMIN ·
Yes that is correct. Please file an improvment request at