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logger and spaces #3722

benprim ·

I'm trying to ident some information using (extract from a log file)
I need to keep the spaces in from of the string, but looks like is triming spaces at the beginning of a string, and even if i add a char before it concats all following spaces into one

def test ="      test";"{}",test);
test = "_"+test;"{}",test);"{}",test.replace(' ','_')


10:19:37,522 INFO  - Running step...
10:19:37,537 INFO  - test
10:19:37,537 INFO  - _ test
10:19:37,538 INFO  - _______test

Is there a way to force the spaces to be dispayed ?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

This is not supported as QB displays the log as html, and extra spaces will be displayed as single space in html

benprim ·

Thanks Robin for the reply,
Could we have a way to send a preformated or html enconding message to the logger ?

robinshen ADMIN ·

You may submit an improvement request at

drdt ·

What happens if you replace the spaces with HTML tag &nbsp (non-breaking space)?

robinshen ADMIN ·

It will also be escaped right now to keep the log displaying safe. So   will be displayed as " " literally.