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Type is not supported with Set or Map #3754


When I try to develop a plugin has UI with type of property to show to user input data: Set or Map<String,String>
and got error with log:

Caused by: com.pmease.quickbuild.QuickbuildException: Type is not supported. (class:com.pmease.quickbuild.plugin.webhook.settings.WebHookSetting, property:customData)
at com.pmease.quickbuild.web.component.editor.EditContext.init(

I need I save a set of key/value or Set of property but I can't
Could you help me?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Set or Map is not supported. You may define a class say property with name and value, and use List to define a list of properties.


Because I need a set of key/value. if use List, the data may be duplicated.
Do you have any solution to validate data (notice duplicate key)

robinshen ADMIN ·

To check duplications and other validations, have your class implementing Validatable interface like below:

import com.pmease.quickbuild.validation.Validatable;

MyBean implements Validatable {

  private List<Property> properties;

  public List<Property> getProperties() {
    return properties;

  public void setProperties(List<Property> properties) { = properties;

  public void validate(Set<String> properties, ErrorContext errorContext) {
    Set<String> keys = new HashSet<>();
    for (Property property: getProperties()) {
      if (!keys.add(property.getName()) {
        errorContext.setError("properties", "duplicate key found: " + property.getName());