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configurations migration #1217

igors ·
Hi , i have one question regarding data migration.

Let's say i have two instances of QB(first one "production" and the other being used for developing activities). I'm creating some configurations on the second one, test it and on the moment when i think it's ready to go in production i want to export and import in the production QB.

Is it possible to import only configurations (exported from development instance) to the production one, without deleting any existing configuration or build on production QB instance.

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robinshen ADMIN ·
Unfortunately QB does not support to move partial of configuration tree from one server to another. It is a all-or-none deal. However, you may write an external program utilizing the RESTful API to read confiurations from one server and write them to another server. For RESTful API details, please refer to developer's guide:
puneetg ·
Hi Robin

this is very important feature for running two systems ( Production and pre-production ). We constantly have problems maintaning one system with builds broken due to errors in QB scripting.
Now we are running two parallel systems and manually copy changes from one to another once proven safe.

brutan ·
Hi, I tried to migrate configuration using restful API. Generally it works fine, but QB removes all '\n' characters from multi-line fields when I create new configuration using exported xml file. This corrupts scripts and templates. Can I modify exported xml somehow to keep '\n' in place after import?

robinshen ADMIN ·
You may try with step "maintenance/sync configuration", it allows to sync part of configuration trees between two servers, and will not strip off the new line character.
Larkin65 ·
When an older client makes a request to ws/savedCriteria with an authenticated user = foouser, should I return a 301 with ws/users/foouser/config/savedCriteria? Every distinct user who requests ws/savedCriteria will be redirected to a different URL, so a "Moved Permanently" seems not quite right. However, 302 implies moved temporarily, which is also wrong. 303 looks technically correct since the RFC says, "The new URI is not a substitute reference for the originally requested resource. The 303 response MUST NOT be cached, but the response to the second (redirected) request might be cacheable." However, I have never seen 303 used this way.