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REST API to fetch configuration with all inherited fields #1957

rene ·
We would like to have a single REST API call that would get the configuration with all the inherited fields (variables, steps, schedule, etc...) as we see it in the web UI.

Currently we have to fetch all the parent configurations and merge the result ourselves. This is not very user friendly and requires re-implementing the merging strategy outside of QB - bad for modularity.

Inherited fields should also have an attribute for example to indicate they're inherited. Ideally they could also point to the configuration where they were inherited from.

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robinshen ADMIN ·
Filed as below improvement:
pxiang ·


We have exactly the same needs.
Is there any progress on this topic?


robinshen ADMIN ·

Inherited values are calculated dynamically, and variables are evaluated at runtime. It is difficult to build a single object containing all the runtime data generated during a build.