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Build stuck on pause command #2569

mbbb ·

By mistake we insert pause command in our script, so the build was stuck. The problem is that we can't stop it in the interface, and the timeout didn't help too.
Can you please help us to avoid this situations ?

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robinshen ADMIN ·
Is this an external command line script? If so, QB should be able to kill it via cancelling the build. However if it is a groovy statement, QB has no way to stop that and the only approach is to restart the agent running the script.
mbbb ·
Thanks for reply.
Yes this is a script file. But I can't kill it via cancelling the build.
robinshen ADMIN ·
Seems like the script does not respond to SIG_TERM. In this case, you may find out the process id of the script, and run kill -9 against it.
drdt ·

Is this still an issue? In our scripts we are finding that accidental PAUSE commands in a script are ignored.