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stuck in queue at SENDING_BUILD_NOTIFICATIONS #2953

ehanzl ·
the build is successful but in the queue the build is stuck at SENDING_BUILD_NOTIFICATIONS

only option is to restart quickbuild.

is there a way to clear these builds out with out restarting the server?
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robinshen ADMIN ·
Please see my response to this issue via email.
Jonathan ·
We have the same problem on (QB 5.1.33)

Can you please let us know how to clear out these builds without needing to restart the server.
robinshen ADMIN ·
We have several customers reporting this recently and it all turns out to be that the mail server is not responding when QB is sending notification emails. The "email sending timeout" setting in email setting helps in some cases, but some times it also does not work. If you have not tried the mail sending timeout, please turn it on to see if it helps with the situation. Also in next major release we plan to improve the notification process to make it not blocking the build even if the connection to mail server blocks. We will also look for approaches of using NIO to connect to mail server so that it can be cancelled reliably (right now, QB uses plain old socket connection which can not be interrupted).

For now, you will need to restart server unfortunately.