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Empty Package in the "By Package" tab #2983

hela.cherif ·

On each Junit Report , in The "By Package" tab , i have a package called "empty".

In same cases this package is really empty and in other cases this package is not empty.

what is the utility of this package? and how can i delete it ?

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steveluo ADMIN ·
Hi Hela,

empty package means there is no package name for the test suites. So far, there is no any method to delete part of the reports, you can only delete the whole reports.

OnQuickBuild ·

Hello Quickbuild support

I'm using QB 9.0.4 and this problem is still there. I have a Junit xml file with this content:

<testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="localhost" name="CryptocellGroup" tests="2" time="0.001" timestamp="2019-05-22T12:29:26">
    <testcase classname="cryptocell.CryptocellGroup" name="TestPrepareRestrictedSwitchDefault" assertions="9" time="0.000" file="component_test.cpp" line="81">
    <testcase classname="cryptocell.CryptocellGroup" name="TestlcsToStringRequire" assertions="1" time="0.000" file="component_test.cpp" line="72">

And it will show a group "cryptocell" with 2 tests, and an "empty" group with no tests. Could you explain how QB parses the file and gets the empty group? I understand the parsing rule specified here:
but I still don't understand where the "empty" comes from.

Thank you

OnQuickBuild ·

Hi Steve

Is this an issue of xml file format? Or a bug? Please let me know if my statement wasn't too clear.


steveluo ADMIN ·


Sorry for the late reply. I missed this topic.

First, the Markdown is supported in this forum. So, when you need add XML or HTML, just write as below:

 xml here is the file type

Then, for your question, the reason why there is empty package is that, QuickBuild parse attribute name from testsuite element for package name and class name. So, below style will be parsed correctly:

<testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="localhost" name="cryptocell.CryptocellGroup" tests="2" time="0.001" timestamp="2019-05-22T12:29:26">
... ...
OnQuickBuild ·

Hi Steve

Thanks for the reply and for the markdown window tip. I simply used the "code" button (ctrl + k) and I didn't know to add the file type in there.

I'll try the testsuite format based on your comments.
And I notice that our file format has "classname" in "testcase" elements, which happened to be the correct format testsuite expects.

<testcase classname="cryptocell.CryptocellGroup" name="TestPrepareRestrictedSwitchDefault" assertions="9" time="0.000" file="component_test.cpp" line="81">

Is this going to interfere with the parsing scheme? If so what should the format be for "testcase" elements?
If the parsing scheme would ignore that, that'd be great :slight_smile:

Thank you!