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copy resources to another server #3554

rmondragon ·
Is there a way to copy resources defined on one Quickbuild server to another Quickbuild server?
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robinshen ADMIN ·
By copying resources, do you mean to copy files from one server to another? If so, you may achieve that via QuickBuild dependency, that is, to define a QuickBuild repository pointing to another server and check out that repository to pull in files.
rmondragon ·
I was referring specifically to the Resources, as in the ones defined on the Grid tab. We add/edit delete new Resources on a test build grid first, but when we update our Production build grid, we don't actually have a good way to get these Resource definitions over to it, other than adding them individually by hand. At this point, we have 20+ Resources defined, so adding them all onto another grid manually is doable, but a little tedious, so I was hoping to avoid having to do that.
robinshen ADMIN ·
Please submit an improvement request for this at so that we add RESTful API to get/set grid resources. Right now, you may consider to backup database of both server, and use Resources.xml in one backup to replace another, and then do a restore.
drdt ·

Was this ever implemented?

robinshen ADMIN ·