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How does the agent determine PATH in System Attributes? #3719

annanowak ·

I have a buildagent running on OSX 10.12. I have installed it to run at boot ( install) and as a specific user (RUN_AS_USER).
The user has a modified PATH that appends /usr/local/bin to the default one. When I start the daemon directly, I can see in the node's System Attributes that the value is correct. However when the node is rebooted, the PATH returns to some basic value that doesn't include /usr/local/bin, even though the buildagent runs as the specified user.
Where does the agent take it from? I am using Quickbuild 6.0.
Note: launchd.conf is no longer supported for setting system-wide environment variables since OSX 10.10.

Thanks in advance.
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robinshen ADMIN ·
You may edit "bin/" to put in your PATH environment there directly.
annanowak ·
Thanks! That's what I did, but wasn't sure if it's the best option.
What happens if the server is updated? Will the changes be gone, given that the agents will be auto updated?
robinshen ADMIN ·
This file will never be auto-dated.
annanowak ·
Cool, thanks a lot!
cuicuidy ·

Hi Robin, I'm new to the QB and met same issue. Could I know how to edit the "bin/" to add PATH environment. Thank you in advance.

robinshen ADMIN ·

Yes you can, or a better approach is to specify FILES_TO_SOURCE property in, and then defined necessary environments there.

cuicuidy ·

Thanks very much. The FILES_TO_SOURCE way works.