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Finished builds remaining in the queue #3723

stephasaurus ·

Ever since we upgraded to QB 7, I've noticed that sometimes, builds tend to stay in the queue long after they have finished. Their process_status still says RUNNING_BUILD but if you go to the actual build, it is finished. The Build Version turns red, but the builds stay

We are seeing this with 7.0.6, in at least 6 instances. Has anyone else reported this? Thanks!
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robinshen ADMIN ·
While this is happening. Does the master step display as completed? Also please check if you have long running post-execute script in master step.
stephasaurus ·
Yes, the build itself and the master step both say they are finished.
robinshen ADMIN ·
Are there any exceptions printed in server log and the agent log running master step?
stephasaurus ·

No, we checked the logs and there is nothing pointing to any kind of error. The builds just fail for a normal reason, and then the build sits in the queue for a very long time afterward.

robinshen ADMIN ·

While this is happening. Please get me a stack trace on QB server and the node running the master step.

/path/to/jdk/bin/jstack <QB JVM process id>
stephasaurus ·

Hi - we finally have the stack trace - I will email it to you.

steveluo added the bug label
robinshen ADMIN ·

It turns out to be an script issue at your side. Please check the email I sent to you.

robinshen removed the bug label