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FileUtils.tar() method upgrade #3738

ribeiromauro ·

Dear Robin,

Will it be possible to make an overload signature for methods FileUtils.tar() and FileUtils.untar() - and maybe their zip/unzip equivalents - where plugin developers could define the buffer size of the internal Buffered Input/Output Streams ?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mauro Ribeiro

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Any reason you want to change the default buffer size?

ribeiromauro ·

Hi there!

In the network where my QB server and agents are, there is also a security program that scans I/O for every filesystem read/write calls, thus, with default 64k buffer, a big tar file (4Gb) will generate many call to I/O read/write.

I cannot resize this with a external Buffered Stream because it would fallback under the internal buffered size.

My goal is to test if, with a 1MB to 4MB buffer size, I could have less I/O reads/writes, and equivalent less time to create my tar file.

In a Linux box (without security program running): 1m45s to create a 4GB tar file
In a Windows7 box (with security program enabled): 56m21s to create a 4GB tar file

Anyways, if that wouldnt be possible, its ok. I can also try to set it up in other ways so Windows Machines never execute that step.

Best Regards

robinshen ADMIN ·

We'd rather to keep it as is, as I/O scanning always hurt the performance when large files are operated not only for the tar/untar operation. And we normally suggest to disable that for a busy QB system.