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chek_db_version.exe issue ? #3739

benprim ·

I'm trying to upgrade from 6.1.23 to 7.0.8
The upgrade script is stuck on "Version DB 93" and it hasn't changed for almost 1h with no progress displayed.
Is it a normal behavior ? or is it a bug ?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

This is not normal. QB will launch the process from old QB installation directory at this stage. Please check if you have any policy or anti-virus software running to prevent that.

benprim ·

Thanks Robin, follwing your answer I decided to kill check_db_version.exe process and looks like QB is proceeding with the update now... fingers crossed :)

benprim ·

So after a while the upgrade seems now to be stuck on the "Bootstrap export" process
I'm letting it run to see ...