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HTML code in setErrorMessage() method #3764

Laba42 ·

I am developing my own step plugin in java. Is it possible to pass a string that contains an HTML code in the setErrorMessage() method?. So the message is displayed as HTML text in the error message panel
I have tried the following

setErrorMessage("Some plain text and some <b> bold text </b> \r\n");
setErrorMessage("Some plain text and some &lt;b&gt; bold text &lt;/b&gt; \r\n");

But both do not work! The text "bold text" is not displayed bold.
Only the \r\n is displayed as a <br> in the source text.


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robinshen ADMIN ·

We escape html intentionally as otherwise some error messages may contain partial html tags causing it displayed improperly.

DannyPM ·

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