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easy way to rerun a build configuration #3810

rlmondragon ·

i was wondering if there is an easy solution to rerun a build that isn't typically run (i.e. a triggered build). In this case, I only want to rerun one triggered build from a larger build which contained several triggers, but I want it to just rerun it with all the same variable values it had in the previous run without having to define them as prompted. Is this possible?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

QB only runs a build once in a trigger chain for the same set of input variables. So work around this, you may define a psuedo variable say "timestamp", and pass the value ${new Date()} so that the variable input differs from previous run.

rlmondragon ·

I'm not entirely sure what trigger chain means in this scenario, but I think this is a slightly different situation. Here's what I want to accomplish:

Build A triggers Build B as part of its build.
Build B fails, and subsequently Build A fails because it waits for the results of Build B.
After Build A has completed, I only want to rerun Build B and not Build A, but I want to run Build B with the same parameters as the run that was triggered by Build A.

I was looking for an easy way to get all the parameters that were part of Build B into another run of Build B, but without utilizing the trigger in Build A. Essentially just "rerun Build B with these same parameters".

robinshen ADMIN ·

I see. You may define a variable say "usePrevVariables" in Conf A, and set its default value to false. This variable should be prompted, and pre-queue script of Conf A can be specified as below to take previous variable values if "usePrevVariables" is ticked when manually triggers Conf A:

if (vars.get("usePrevVariables").asBoolean() && configuration.latestFinishedBuild != null) {
robinshen ADMIN ·

Suggested approach above is incorrect as build variable populating happens before pre-queue script is running. Please clear the pre-queue script, and use below for pre-build script:

import com.pmease.quickbuild.variable.*; 
if (request.promotionSource) { 
  buildId = request.promotionSource.buildId 
  if (buildId) { 
    prevBuild = system.buildManager.load(request.promotionSource.buildId); 
    for (Map.Entry<String, String> entry: prevBuild.variableValues.entrySet()) { 
	  var = new VariableWrapper(entry.getKey(), entry.getValue()); 
	  varDef = configuration.findVar(var.getName()); 
	  if (varDef != null && (varDef.getValueProvider() instanceof SecretValueProvider || varDef.getPromptSetting() instanceof PromptAsPasswordInput)) { 
	  build.getVariables().put(entry.getKey(), var);