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[Jira] TimeSpent field not taken into account #3886

kururin ·



  • QB 7.0.30
  • JIRA v7.2.7

On our project, the field "Time spent" is mandatory when updating or fixing issues.
But it seems that QB does not support this attribute.
I tried this:

But it leads to this error:
2018-01-04 11_36_34-QuickBuild - TGT_Playground_Mat playground_test - aa.png

Do you know if this field is supported by the Jira plugin?

Thanks a lot

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kururin ·

I add a clarification: the "time" attribute specified in the QB doc does not fill the "Time spent" field.

time - Records the time tracking information of an issue. The syntax for time is: (...)

steveluo ADMIN ·

Is time spent field your custom field or internal field?

steveluo ADMIN ·

Have you tried time field? It is for adding work log to an issue, seems just like what you need.

kururin ·

The "Time Spent" field is an internal field.
As I said in my second email, using "time" field does not work. We got the same error as above ("Time Spent required").

rpallares ·


I allow myself to answer also because we work together with Mathieu and that I follow that subject too.
TimeSpent is a standard field of the Jira time tracking module as originalEstimate and remainingEstimate.

As I understand the Quickbuild Jira module, the time field simply create a worklog. That worklog automatically adjust the timeSpent field.
But in case of transitions, if the timeSpent field is mandatory, it's not possible to define it directly.

Usually the timeSpent and remainingEstimate fields are defined together at the issue resolution (remainingEstimate to 0 in this case).
Can you confirm that that it's not possible to fill these fields with the actual Jira plugin?
If no, can we imagine to have this feature in future releases?


kururin ·

Could you just confirm this field is not supported (and will not be supported)?
If that case, we'll find another way to update our Jira issues.

Thanks a lot :)

steveluo2 ADMIN ·

@kururin@rpallares sorry for the late reply. The time spent field is not supported. It seems that JIRA rest API doesn't support to update this field, see below post

and especially:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.35.32 PM.png
steveluo2 ADMIN ·

I also want to know where can I see time spent field in the JIRA UI? I can only see original estimate field and remaining estimate field in the screen.

rpallares ·


I guess I did not speak well, my English is not so good :).
Moreover on that field, the JIRA REST api seems to be not clear.

As@steveluo2 underlined, the timeSpent field cannot be defined directly.
That's really confusing because into UI we really think that we define timeSpent directly Issue-transition-with-required-fields-via-REST
Instead that, JIRA create through UI a worklog using the given timeSpent value.

I found a clearest case that show on how to define the timeSpent using a worklog addition into a transition: How-to-log-work-then-resolve-issue-using-rest-api
I think that's exactly what we are asking for.

With a lower priority, it's also possible to define the other time tracking values through a transition: Jira-questions/Issue-transition-with-required-fields-originalEstimate-via-REST

I suppose the bug append because the JIra's Quickbuild plugin make two different calls. One for the issue update, and another for the issue transition.
In this case, our workflow will deny because timeSpent is defined as mandatory when resolving the issue.

Can you explain how the "time" field into Jira's Quickbuild plugin is translated in REST calls?
Is that feature should normally work as we expect?
If not, how long does it take to get it done the way we want?
Do you propose another approach to define our workflow rules that is Quickbuild compliant?


steveluo2 ADMIN ·

@rpallares thanks a lot for detailed information. "time" field in QuickBuild is used to add a worklog in JIRA, like below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.54.34 PM.png

and so JIRA will adjust the remaining estimate like below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.54.21 PM.png

If this is what you want, you can try add "time" field in your workflow transition.

kururin ·


We now fix our issues with a script step, sending a POST request with this kind of data:

                "timeSpent": "3w 2d"

It works fine, but it would be great if QB could deal with this "timespent" mandatory field :)
Adding "time" as you suggest Steve does not work unfortunately.

zhenyuluo ·


As I'm not a JIRA expert, would you please tell me how to make timeSpent field required when fix an issue, so I can do more investigation here.

kururin ·

Sorry for the delay. I am not an expert neither, I had to contact our Jira administrators.
Here is his reply:

"To make the field ‘Time Spent’ mandatory when an issue is resolved, we are not using the built-in function of Jira. We are in fact using a plugin called ’Jira Suite Utilities’. This plugin add multiple ‘Conditions’ / ‘Validators’ / Post-Functions’ possibilities to Jira workflows.

One of this option is called ‘Required Field’. We are using it to make the field Time Spent mandatory only when a specific transition is executed (in our case, ‘RESOLVE’ transition)
jira_1 .png

Here’s exactly how it is setup in our Jira, when using this plugin function:

I hope it can help.
This is not a major issue for us. We have a workaround.
But of course, if you can fix that some day, we'll be happy :)