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Disabling p4 print commmand when unshelving a changelist #3892

kururin ·

When unshelving a changelist during a "checkout" step, QB runs a "p4 print -o" command for each file of the changelist in order to get them on the server.
I guess this is something useful for displaying and diff them directly from QB.
But in case of huge changelist (we regularly have changelist with more than 10000 files), it's a problem because this process takes a lot of time.
For example, we have a configuration that checkout+unshelve a changelist then compiles with it. We need it to be as fast as possible. Today a changelist with 17000 files has to be processed. It takes more than 30 minutes just to print all the files.

Can this command ("p4 print") be disabled as an option?

Thank you

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robinshen ADMIN ·
kururin ·

Thank you Robin.
In the meantime, we disabled the "unshelve" from the QB repo. We'll do it with a script to prevent the "p4 print" commands.