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send individual mails only when specific tests fail #3896

gilmor ·

Hi, we have a scheduled build with multiple test cases - each test is in the responsibility of a different dev team.
The way it currently works is that all the teams are getting a general report about all the tests, then, if the build failed, each team has to get into the link and see if their test is the one that failed.
Now, is there an option to send a mail to a specific recipient only if a specific test case fails?
It's not doable, in the long-term, to get a general mail about all the tests and than go and look if your team's specific test is the one that failed.

Thanks a lot.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

A workaround for this is to run separate builds for different test cases. To do this, you may create a master build to call the trigger build step with repetition settings to trigger downstream builds with different test case names. And then in downstream builds, check the test case name and run corresponding test case.