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get jira issue objects with groovy script #3917

HealingQuickly ·

Hello Robin

I'm trying to use velocity template for Jira release notes. And in the template sample, it has a line

#foreach($issue in $issues)

It's using the same way to access "issues" object as to "$build.getVersion()"

My question is, how can I access the object "issues" or "issue" from a regular groovy step. I can't seem to find the function that returns the list of issues, and I tried using "issues" directly as if it's a Quickbuild builtin class/object, but it's null in a groovy step. "build" object doesn't have the property, "changeset" object doesn't have it either.

How did the velocity template refer to the 'issues' object?
I basically need to know what fields/methods "issue" object has. Is there a field or method that returns the URL of this issue? I guess I can append issue key to jira url

Thank you

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steveluo2 ADMIN ·


There is no public API for getting issues object like release notes step and velocity template. If you need this, please file a feature request in our issue tracker below: