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Suggestion to dashboard management #3934

jeon710 ·


Recently number of project is dramatically increasing on QuickBuild.
I made & provide dashboard to each of project,
so number of dashboard is also dramatically increasing.

Then if I mouseover on dashboard arrow, it is difficult to find & choose dashboard what I want.

How about make "parent_id" property to dashboard like configuration?
For example,

Welcome ▼ --- A division ---- Project x
(root board)|              |-- Project y
            |- B division ---- Project i
                           |-- Project j

Then it will be easy to management dashboard.

Thanks & Regards,

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Making dashboard nested inside parents will be overly complicated for most of QB installations. However we can add a dashboard search so that you can quickly locate certain dashboard if there are too many.

jeon710 ·

Hi Robin,

yes, search function is also good.

I understand it is difficult to make tree structure to dashboard.

But display all of dashboard list on 'one depth' is not beautiful I think.
how about make 'category property' to dashboard?
Then QB can display dashboard list by 'two depth' and It will be helpful to management :)

robinshen ADMIN ·

Please file improvement request at

jeon710 ·