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Resources not giving to config with higher build priorities #4003

OnQuickBuild ·

Hello Robin

Could you help explain how Quickbuild manages resources?

I have a type of resource defined in three agents. And I have three configs that basically do the same thing, only with source code at different revisions.
And each config would occupy all three agents because the build has three ways to be validated.

So I configured the build priority for three configs, at 3, 5, 7 respectively.
I understand 7 should be arranged to build first.

To entail more, three configs all start from server node, then at a certain point, the parallel steps start to occupy all three resources.

But I noticed the config with build priority 7 waits for other configs to release the resource, when it gets to the parallel step.

Why would this be? How should I make sure the resources are used for the config (7) first?

Thank you!

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robinshen ADMIN ·

The build priority only affects order of not executed builds in queue. When other configs already runs (the master step starts to run), the high priority config still needs to wait for others to release the resource to proceed.

OnQuickBuild ·

But the three configs are triggered by the same commit. They all reference a same repo besides the ones that are different.

If the slight execution time won't guarantee which config gets the resource, how do I make sure of that some other way?

Thank you!

robinshen ADMIN ·

This is a limitation currently as builds are fired independently and the priority is only checked when the build request is queued. However the low priority build request may be fired first (due to timing in concurrent processing), and QB will pick it up if there is no other high priority jobs.