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How to specify a different workspace dir per step #4005

jclx ·

We have multiple steps and some steps are associated with different build agents.
It seems like the workspace dir must be same for both nodes to work.
Step1 - build agent 1 - workspace dir = c:\workspace\cfg
Step2 - build agent 2 - workspace dir = t:\workspace\different location and drive.

Only way I found was to put Step2 into another configuration and use a TriggerBuild step.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

You may use different workspace on different build agent even for same configuration via "workspace setting" in advanced setting page of the configuration. Then you may script it something like below:

if (node.address == "agent1:8811")
   return "/path/to/dir1";
else if (node.address == "agent2:8811")
  return "/path/to/dir2";