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Preventing manual builds #4022

tardis4500 ·

We currently have 30 products we are building with the following structure
Release Candidates
Release Candidates
We want the "Release Candidates" configurations to build on a schedule but don't want developers to be able to trigger these builds while they should be able to trigger the branch builds. If we disable the "Release Candidates," configurations they don't build at all and we are unable to create a group permission for "Builds/*/Release Candidates." But specifying all the products individually in the group permission set would be painful. Is there another way to do this?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Or you may script pre-queue of the top level configuration to do below:
if ("Release Candidates") && !request.scheduled)
throw new com.pmease.quickbuild.QuickBuildException("Release candidates can only be built via scheduler");