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build.reports.junit only contains fail/error rows #4048

uartie ·

We want to write a custom build notification template that prints information about each test case in a report (passed or failed). However, it appears that the rows in each build.reports.junit.values() only contains data for fail or error test cases. Is there a way to access the row data for passed test cases?

For example, this groovy script in a "Misc > Execute Script" step only shows error/fail cases:

java.lang.String[] keys = ["packageName", "className", "testName"];
for(reportset in build.reports.junit.values()) {
  for(row in reportset.rows.sort { it.getRowKeyString(keys) }) {;
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uartie ·

At minimum, we would like to generate a static build notification email that looks similar to the "JUnit Report -> By Testsuite" view in QuickBuild.

steveluo ADMIN ·
steveluo ADMIN ·