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I want to build one by one. #4053

sejunhi ·

When an existing build is in progress,
The next build will not wait.

Two are running at the same time.
Is there a solution?

I want to build one by one.

After running the build, the Queue Tab shows that two are running at the same time.

Please help me.

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drdt ·

Under 'General Setting' of your configuration is a checkbox labeled 'Concurrent'.

If checked, multiple builds of this configuration will be able to run concurrently. This is suitable for proof build configurations where multiple developers can trigger the configuration to verify their works.

Unchecking this box should give you the behavior you desire.

mando ·

I knew that part.
However, it did not work normally.

I am sending a build request from another system to the QB server for execution.
  Could this be a problem?

robinshen ADMIN ·

Do you mean you want to run build one by one even for different configurations? If so, create a grid resource say "lock" with only one instance on a specific node, and then configure all master step of your configurations to use the node selection setting of "on node with resource lock"

mando ·

In fact, I do not know much about QB.
Thank you for answer.
I think I need more study.