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how can i trigger auto-backup to run? #4054

drdt ·

I recently made a change to my weekly backup schedule (moving the target location to a network drive). When the backup ran at the end of the week, it failed because I misspelled the path. This could have been avoided if I had tested the backup after making the change. How can I do this?

This ability would also helpful in other situations where I want to trigger a backup. Using the 'Backup now' option isn't useful, because it downloads the to my local machine rather than storing it on the server.

I have this feeling that this used to be possible.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

When you save the backup setting, QB will check if the directory is valid. You may make a simple test.

drdt ·

Actually, it was the file name date format which I mis-typed, not the folder. But either way, I would still like the ability to trigger the auto-backup by hand.

What do you mean by 'make a simple test'?

robinshen ADMIN ·
drdt ·

Thanks so much.