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Bullseye report cannot locate to the source code #4055

OnQuickBuild ·

Hi Robin

I got a question about artifact directory. When publishing bullseye report, is it also stored on server?

Right now my problem here is I have two configs, 1 builds source code, 2 run tests.
The bullseye file (test.cov) is generated during step 1. And the file will also include the root dir of the source code.
But I have to run tests on config 2, where the test.cov file can be updated to show the coverage results. And I also publish the result file here. (convert to xml first)

Now naturally the file path in test.cov is from config 1, which is not the server node. So the bullseye xml report cannot locate the source files to show details.

How can I find a way to link the two?

Thank you very much

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steveluo ADMIN ·


You need combine config 1 and config 2, that is, publish report step should work with checkout step and test step in the same configuration.

drdt ·

I dealt rather extensively with Bullseye in another life, both in and out of QuickBuild. I am pretty sure you are able to update the paths in the test.cov file to facilitate testing and also viewing the results on another system. You might benefit from talking to Bullseye support (whose name I think is also Steve) about it.

OnQuickBuild ·

Hi Steveluo
Thanks for your reply. But I'm afraid I cannot combine the two, because config 2 must use a tool that's only on Windows. And the source code is designed to compile on Linux. Config 2 only uses the binary.

Hello drdt
Thanks for the tip. The test.cov file does have a line on the top to indicate the root directory of the source code.
I can modify that file using a script, to direct to a location within config 2, maybe. I'll try that.

Thank you both

steveluo ADMIN ·

@drdt thank you for the information.


Is it possible to send your test.cov to me so that I can have some investigation and see whether there is any chance to calculate the relative path from the directory you mentioned.

My email is steve at pmease

OnQuickBuild ·

Thanks, but I'm afraid I can't do that. Besides I use Groovy on Quickbuild all the time.
My thought is to checkout the resource code again at config 2 workspace, then modify the test.cov file to use that path as source code directory. It should work this way. I'll try that soon.

OnQuickBuild ·

Hello Steve

Could you tell me how QB BullseyeCoverage report graph finds the source file? More specifically, the Bullseye Report panel in a build overview:

When click on the document icon, it is locating the file path. I manually changed the path in the xml file, something like:

BullseyeCoverage name="test.cov" dir="c:/buildagent/buildagent/workspace/root/Sandbox/testrun/fw_trunk/"

And I put the xml file inside this dir as well. But QB still prompts that red page and says

File not found in repository: /common/src/registers/src/timer_regs.c

Could you provide some ideas?
Thank you!

By the way I noticed the image uploads stopped working for a while now.