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Windows agent, unable to automatically start service after laptop reboot #4057

OnQuickBuild ·

Hello QB support

Could you tell me why the agent won't automatically start after I changed the logon user?

The agent starts automatically before. When I installed the agent, I didn't modify the conf file to change any username, so QB by default uses Windows "SYSTEM" account.
But I had to manually modify the service logon user, via Windows services manager:

But then if I reboot the agent laptop, the service won't start by itself.
How should I deal with this?

By the way, could you tell me how to avoid the case where the service fails to start automatically due to the existing "" file?

Thank you!

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Tested and it works at my side. Are there any errors printed in console log? To allow QB to start even if exists, please modify "conf/wrapper.conf" to comment out below line:

OnQuickBuild ·

Hi Robin

Thanks for your reply.

This is the console log since I restarted the laptop:

wrapper  | --> Wrapper Started as Service
wrapper  | Java Service Wrapper Standard Edition 64-bit 3.5.33
wrapper  |   Copyright (C) 1999-2017 Tanuki Software, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
wrapper  |
wrapper  |   Licensed to PMEase Inc. for QuickBuild
wrapper  | 
wrapper  | Launching a JVM...
jvm 1    | WrapperManager: Initializing...
wrapper  | Machine is shutting down.
wrapper  | <-- Wrapper Stopped

There are no more entries after this. The service couldn't start by itself. Did you override the logon user the way as I did? I couldn't see the image I posted here.

If I set back to using "SYSTEM" account, the service will restart automatically.

And by the way it's not due to the .pid file. I asked that completely out of context.

What could be the reason?
Thank you

OnQuickBuild ·

Also server log doesn't have anything either after I restart the agent laptop. And the new logon user has admin privilege by the way.

OnQuickBuild ·

Also tried overriding the start type from automatic to automatic delayed. Still not helping.

But the SYSTEM account is still able to automatically start the service. \

Should I edit something in the quickbuild conf/ directory?


robinshen ADMIN ·

Yes, I am specified a different user other than SYSTEM account for service logon. Please edit "conf/wrapper.conf" to uncomment below line:


Then restart your laptop to see if there are any logs in console.log

Also please verify that you can start the service directly from NT service control panel after specifying the logon user.

OnQuickBuild ·

Hi Robin

Yes the NT service control panel can start the service without an error.

And today I only uncommented the line you specified, restarted the laptop, now the services started automatically. The log had bunch of outputs from JVM, seems like it.

Not sure why this action solved the problem. Maybe just a coincidence? I hope it stays this way.

Thank you for the tip