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QB6.1.14: Non-persisted variable ignored when used as repeat parameter #4068

scastrianni ·

Since I am using an old QB6.1.14, I am seeing a bug where if a step does a vars.get("MyVar").setValue("1,2",false) such that it is NOT persisted to the DB, any subsequent step that uses MyVar as the source for repeat parameters is ignored and the step is not repeated at all. Is this a known bug in my old version or is it still a bug in the current version too?

I changed the false to a true to cause the variable to be persisted and it still didn't work. It seems the source used for repeat parameters needs to be known at build start time?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Repeat param expansion is done when parent container of the repeat step is executed. To work around the issue here, I'd suggest to put the repeat step in a separate parallel of sequential step.