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QB9 no background color in build.description #4074

Laba42 ·

We write in the build description in the pre- and postbuild of the advanced settings, further information about the current build.
for example:

def description = "<h1>The project " + vars.getValue("ProjectName") + "</h1>" + was built.
                  "<img src=\"/asset/" + vars.getValue("CBCreateDB") + ".png\"></img>Database" ... some more Information 

Up to qb 8 the background of the build description was displayed light blue bild-db57d7-1553173151.png.html

Since qb 9 there is a separate HTML editor for these fields but I can't change the whole background for the field.
So all fields are white, that's not so critical, but it results in a very unusual picture for our user.
I tried to bring this back into our usual view with an additional div tag and the class="round description information" from QB8

def description = "<div class=\"round description information\"><h1>Gebaut wurde das Projekt " + "Test"  + "</h1>" +
                  "<img src=\"/asset/" + vars.getValue("CBCreateDB") + ".png\"></img>Database" ... some more Infos  + "</div>"

but this tag doesn't cover the whole area bild-a05caf-1553172303.png.html
and if someone edits the description then everything is white again.

Is it possible from outside to overwrite or change the css value class="round description html-content" ?

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drdt ·

I have a similar issue with the Custom Header field. Now that it can be edited with a WSYWIG editor, it is no longer possible to set the background color, or any of the other font properties.

My team relies on the background color in the custom header to call extra attention to alerts and notifications, so this is a significant downgrade.

robinshen ADMIN ·
robinshen ADMIN ·

Now fixed in 9.0.5. Note that you can always click the source button of the html editor to edit source directly if necessary.