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Do you have any plan to update apache wicket libs? #4076

JerryLee ·

We get some WARN message in quickbuild log like shown below.
org.apache.wicket.request.handler.render.WebPageRenderer - The Buffered response should be handled by BufferedResponseRequestHandler
Obviously, it looks not a big deal but apache wicket libs too old, even QB 9.0.

The error what I mentioned(looks already fixed) -
Apache wicket -

When I chcked the apache wicket libs version, it is 1.5.0 and the latest release version of 1.5.x is 1.5.16. (05 Aug 2016)
I just would ask you the plan regarding apache wicket libs update in QB.
Do you have it?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

This problem should not affect usage of QB. Also QB uses stateful pages, so this issue may not solve the problem. We make a lot of customizations to wicket, we currently do not have plan to upgrade the lib.