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Configuration Description - html now after import and tooltip for configuraton gadget #4093

jclx ·

After doing a restore of a configuration from QB 6 to QB 9.
The Description field of a configuration now has html markup in it (a div element to put a blue box around the text).
In QB 6 this is just a text field.
Now with a Configuration Gadget when you hover over Configuration you get the tooltip from the html title attribute
but it displays as html like <div....... Not a nice display. - hover over Demo/Organize By Departments - you get <div.....
How can we convert these descriptions back to plain text?
Also we have some custom gadgets the show the description as a column in table, we need plain text.
I guess we could edit them all after import and remove the default html wrapping on restore.

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robinshen ADMIN ·
jclx ·

The gadget is showing the description in a table. So not having the html markup is better.
I have gone through all descriptions and removed the html markup and back to plain text for description.

jclx ·

Found this seems to be a nice job of: