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Running step duration disappear #4096

nini10 ·


We upgrade our QB server from QB-8.07 to 9.10.
After the upgrade, when build is RUNNING, the running steps didn't shown their own duration like it was in previous version.



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robinshen ADMIN ·

Duration of running build is only displayed at the whole build level, and it is the same for all QB versions including QB8.

nini10 ·

There is probably misunderstanding.

In following image you can see the during running step duration is shown (run by QB-8)

In QB-9 it doesn't shown:

So, is it possible to see running step duration?

robinshen ADMIN ·

I checked QB 8.0.39 and it does not show the duration. Which QB8 version are you using?

Laba42 ·

In our last 8 QB Version (8.0.20, 2018-09-18) the current running time was shown as well.


nini10 ·

8.0.24, 2018-10-25

robinshen ADMIN ·