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Prompt multi-selection box - How to get 'string' in build step? #4100

fcb_0817 ·

Hi Support,

I have a question, only number can be got in the build step.

Misc > Execute Script
groovy:"Options:" + ${vars.get("select_Test").asList()});

But output in the build log, it showed 'null' instead of string 'BBB' and 'CCC'.
15:40:29,718 INFO - Options:[null, null, 2, 3]

How can I get 'BBB' 'CCC' in multi-selection box?


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fcb_0817 ·

Version: 7.0.29

robinshen ADMIN ·

Since you are already inside a groovy script, you should not use ${} to indicate to QB it is a groovy script. Rewriting it as below should work:

groovy:"Options:" + vars.get("select_Test").asList());
fcb_0817 ·

It works! Thank you, Robinshen