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Multiple NIC, IP, Hostnames on Ubuntu Agent #4101

jmuirhead ·

We have Ubuntu 16.04 machines in our lab we're trying to connect to QuickBuild (9.0.10). Each of these machines has multiple NICs, multiple IP addresses, and multiple host names. Both 'ping' and 'nslookup' resolve the hostname to the correct IP address. However, the host name for any of the given machines only shows up with the 'localhost' IP address ( in the QB grid. As such, we can't authorize any of these agents. How does QuickBuild resolve hostname/ip/mac address when authorizing multi-homed systems into the grid? Thanks.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Please login as the OS user you are running QB agent, and run "hostname" to see what value it is printing. QB calls this command to determine the hostname. As to ip address, QB server uses the REMOTE_ADDRESS header in http packet when agent connects to server, which should be correct if you are not connecting via a proxy. In case of proxy, you will need to specify ip address of agent explicitly by running " /bin/"