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Change Custom Header Text with groovy? #4117

Laba42 ·

is it possible, with groovy, to change the QB CustomHeader text and if so, how?


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robinshen ADMIN ·

Do you mean to insert groovy code into the custom header so that it can be evaluated dynamically to get the header text? If so, this is not supported yet.

Laba42 ·

I wanted to create a configuration to execute the script by user drt from his post
and then display a hint text in the CustomHeader.
Similar to the Reason text in the pause system in the admin area.


robinshen ADMIN ·

This can be done with below groovy script:

import com.pmease.quickbuild.entitymanager.*;
def systemSetting = SettingManager.instance.getSystemSettingDef();
systemSetting.setCustomHeader("your custom header");

Please note that this script has to be run on QB server.