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Gerrit event - triggering QB #4119

nini10 ·


I have a request to trigger QB configuration automatically after Gerrit "patch set" is created.

I see same request already created in:

Is there any solution for it?


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robinshen ADMIN ·

Not yet. Please vote for it.

nini10 ·
  1. Voted
  2. Issue was created 4 years ago, do you have plan to handle it?
  3. Can you please help me to think on other solution - how to trigger QB configuration when new gerrit review created or when existing review modified?


nini10 ·

BTW - Found following configuration in demo server: "Build Against Gerrit Changes" ( but it empty - not steps...
I guess this should implements what I need.
Are you plan to implements it?

robinshen ADMIN ·

For now, you may add a Gerrit repository in QB, and checkout the repository to do necessary things against it. Then schedule the configuration to run periodically. When scheduled time reaches, QB will trigger the build if there are new patch sets.