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Documentation of "Audit Acceptance Script" #4158

helmut.n ·

I would like to reduce the amount of audit log entries and want to use the Audit Acceptance Script. But I did not find a good documentation about it. All I found is this

If this script is defined, QuickBuild will evaluate it against current audit entry and log the entry only if the script returns true. The current audit entry is passed to the script as object "audit", and one can decide to audit or not based on properties such as audit.source, audit.user, or audit.action

I want to ignore all audit logs, which are Build Requests or not caused by a user.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

You may filter desired audit logs based on activity string. For instance to filter out all build requests fired by schedulers. Use below script:

audit.action != "Build request was submitted by scheduler." // (do not miss the ending dot)