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Can't stop a build running on the server #4177

kururin ·


QB 8.0.20

We have a configuration with a "Execute Script" step. It is running "On Server".
In "General Settings", the "Build timeout" is set to 240 ( = 4h).
The step looks like:

def NbNodesToSpawn = 43;
for (int i=0; i<NbNodesToSpawn; i++) {
  (...)spawn a machine(...)"Node {}: Wait for 30s...", NbNodesToSpawn);

Our problem: we never had any problem with this configuration but today the build remained stuck after spawning 36 machines. The latest info in the step log is "Node 36: Wait for 30s...". At the moment I'm writing this post, the build is still running after 6h of process whereas Build Timeout is 4h.

Question: is there a way to stop this build without restarting the server?

Thank you

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Please get me a stack trace of the server with below command:


kururin ·

Unfortunatelly we had to reboot our server to fix the issue. If it happens again, I'll provide the stack trace.
Do you think it will be possible (some day) to remove the limitation of being obliged to run specific steps on the Server? For example, our script needs to use "com.pmease.quickbuild.CacheManager" so the step has to be run On Server only.

robinshen ADMIN ·

We may reduce this limitation to some extent. What information you are using out of cache manager?