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How can I set agent priority? #4178

sebalee ·

Hi Robin

I'm a new guy in QuickBuild World
And I have a question regarding how can i prioritize quickbuild agent

I have 7 different agent machine
And 3 of them is high performance and others are moderate.

I grouped them in 2 different groups by performance
And I want to set High Performance group on High Priority.
I want to use moderate machines only when the 3 high performance agents are occupied

But when I triggered build, I saw node selection is done by random.
build was queued without any rule from 2 different Resource groups.

Is there a way to set Resource priroity?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

There is no global preference setting. However at step level, the node preference can be used to run step on fast node if possible. You may script this setting to return most powerful node among a list of matched nodes.

LongNguyen ·

Hello Robinshen

Please give me your suggestion code to implement this.

Thank you so much.