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Enable automatic node replacement #4182

peleg.abergel ·

I am looking to automate Quickbuild node replacement (agent launch and teardown)
I was planning to use REST API to perform the below steps:

on setup:

  • launch an agent
  • configure user attributes
  • authorize the node with quickbuild server

on teardown:

  • notify the master to not send new jobs to the node (request drain)
  • poll the master to see when the node has no running jobs (drained)

are these operations available through the REST API ? I was not able to find it in the documentation

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robinshen ADMIN ·
peleg.abergel ·

Thank you,
If I run the agent as a console application instead of a service,
is there a way to gracefully stop it without interrupting running jobs ?
I noticed CTRL-C on the console does interrupt jobs running on the agent.

robinshen ADMIN ·

Just tested QB9 and build agent will wait for all steps running on it to complete before shutting down when pressing Ctrl-C. If you have subsequent steps running on this agent also, the build will fail though as there is no way to know if the agent will run subsequent steps or not (agent can be decided dynamically via script etc)