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Resource allocation question #4190

nini10 ·


I have question about resource allocation.
Untitled Diagram.jpg

I have 2 linux machines, each of them includes 2 build-agents (port 8811, and port 8822). All build agents are part of RES_1 while the Resource Count set to 5 (So, in total - #Available is 20).
In the configuration, there are 8 steps which defined to run on RES_1 resource.
When the configuration is running the steps are disperse on different build-agents.
So my question is - Can the steps could run first on one build-agent and only when "Resource Count" became empty continue with next build-agent. So, refer to the diagram, the first 5 steps will run on "Linux_1:build_agent 1" and next 3 steps will run on "Linux_1:build_agent 2"
Is there a way to unsure such behavior?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Multiple steps from same configuration can not run on same build agent concurrently, as there is only one workspace for a configuration on one build agent. So it selects different build agents in such case.