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packet size causing host disconnects #4193

rlmondragon ·

We're seeing host disconnects occassionally that seem to be caused by the packet size the agent sending to the server is too big. Is there anyway to tune the size of this packet? Is it determined by the build itself (i.e. log size, artifacts, etc..)


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robinshen ADMIN ·

The packet size is determined by underlying protocol, and it is odd that this causes host disconnections. Do you have any firewall or virus-scan software running in the middle to drop the packet? Also you may try to set up SSL connections between agent and server to see if this problem happens again.

rlmondragon ·

We do have the grid setup with SSL (and it always has been), and it still has the issue, so that likely won't be a solution for us.

However, I'm not sure about firewall or virus-scan software that could be catching it in the middle, so i'll definitely look into those aspects with our IT.