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Using Openjdk #4225

jintaeson ·

Oracle JDK8 is no longer available to commercial companies for free.
So I would like to use openjdk instead of Oracle jdk.Is there no problem with the operation of the quick build even if I use openjdk?

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klausyoum ·

Yes, in my company, my team use openjdk for our quickbuid service. You can use openjdk instead of Oracle JDKs.

jintaeson ·

Thank you. klausyoum.
The contents of Openjdk are excepted from the install guide of Quickbuild9 version, so I asked a question.

klausyoum ·

Oh, I got it. But I think it doesn't matter to install QB.

robinshen ADMIN ·

Yes, QB supports OpenJDK as well.