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Specify changelist number for "Merge with Shelved Changes" #4235

Krishna-Guru ·

I am triggering automated tests in Quickbuild whenever there is a review request in Helix Swarm, but I am stuck trying to find a way to specify the changelist number which I have as a variable. Swarm triggers the test with rest api and I am able to pass the change number with the url. Is there a way by which I can assign the passed value to the variable in my configuration? we are using Quickbuild version 9.0.33

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robinshen ADMIN ·

You may use below value for shelved changes field of the repository definition in QB:

Then pass the variable changeNumber via QB's restful api to test specified changes.

Krishna-Guru ·

Thanks for the response. We are upgrading to the latest version of Quickbuild and I see that there is a new feature that will address my issue (QB-3296: To support JSON rest api)

Krishna-Guru ·

Although, I am wondering if it possible to pass the value along with the URL without having to use ".json" file

robinshen ADMIN ·