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Why quickbuild use semaphore binary #4236

doremiks7 ·

Hi Mr. Robin Shen.
I have some questions and i need your help.
Why do Quickbuild use Semaphore binary ?.
private Semaphore processingSemaphore = new Semaphore(10); when i set its value is 10. it always seems becoming semaphore binary.
And, how can i learn quickbuild in the according way instead of roaming quickbuild's code, the way i'm using for more understanding quickbuild.
Thank for you help !

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robinshen ADMIN ·

The only purpose of this semaphore is to notify QuickBuild to start the processing round immediately when there are interesting things happening for instance step status changed, agent connected etc. Once notified and start processing, QB will drain all the permits to make effectively a binary semaphore.

As to quickbuild source code learning, we do not have any guideline for now, as source is not assumed to be changed at customer site.