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jintaeson ·

When does the "BUILD_CHECK_CONDITION" work and what does it do?
I haven't set the schedule for the build, but it's still running. Is this the intended action?

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robinshen ADMIN ·

If a build is requested in a configuration with option "respectBuildCondition" turned on, QB will check build condition to see if the build is necessary. For instance if the "build condition" (defined in general setting of the configuration) is specified as "if there are changes in referenced repositories), the new build will only be generated if there are new commits since last build.

A build will be requested in configuration with option "respectBuildCodition" turned on in below cases:

  1. Configuration is schedued
  2. Some other configuration uses build artifacts of this configuration via dependency, and it triggers the configuration to see if there are new artifacts
  3. Build is requested via RESTful api
  4. Some other build triggers this configuration via "trigger other build" step

You may check audit log of this configuration to see if there is any clue for the unexpected triggering.

jintaeson ·

Thank you.

jintaeson ·

I am Setting the "repositories" with GitHUB.
Changed Schudule (5 min -> "No schedule")
No "Trigger Other builds" apply.

Nevertheless, the build is requested and the "build check condition" is executed.

Does it check automatically when I set the "repositories"?

robinshen ADMIN ·

Do you have external program calling QB restful api to run build on this configuration? Or do you have some other configuration depending on this configuration via QuickBuild repository? Also please check audit log of this configuration to see if there is any further info for the triggering.

jintaeson ·

I will Check it.
The step or values needed for the build are applied to the parent, and the son is triggering by changing only the repo name of each github.
Its looking at same working dir.

And If the work below goes on, Does Quickbuild continue to send APIs to GITHUB for these tasks?

2020-06-23 14:21:13,469 [pool-1-thread-135] INFO com.pmease.quickbuild.CheckConditionJob - Taking repository snapshots...
2020-06-23 14:21:13,477 [pool-1-thread-135] INFO com.pmease.quickbuild.repositorysupport.Repository - Taking snapshot of repository 'GITHUB'...
2020-06-23 14:21:13,477 [pool-1-thread-135] INFO com.pmease.quickbuild.repositorysupport.Repository - Determining head revision for repository: GITHUB

robinshen ADMIN ·

If build condition evaluates to true to cause new build being generated, QB will call GitHub api to post build status of corresponding commit.

jintaeson ·

When the deactivation option was changed, it was no longer possible for the build to be triggered in the No_schedule state.
Since then, it has been operating normally.
Is it a temporary disability?

robinshen ADMIN ·

Do you mean "disable" option of the configuration? If so, configuration will not be scheduled (even if schedule is defined), and will also not be triggered even if it is used in a dependency chain. Also it will not be able to be triggered manually from web page. But it can still be triggered via restful request.