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The benefits of QB over Jenkins #4258

nini10 ·


In the company I work for, most projects are using Jenkins, except of the projects I'm responsible for.
Recently, I have been pressured to move to Jenkins too - which I am not prepared for, because QB is much better tool.
Can you help me explain to management why QB is better than Jenkins?

I started with:

  • The ability to override/inherit steps
  • Powerful Build Setup and Workflow Design
  • Variables
  • Promotion

Thanks in advance for your help!

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Thanks for promoting QB. I sent a detailed comparison between Jenkins and QuickBuild to your email. Please check it.

drdt ·

Don't forget

  • QuickBuild is all-in-one solution provided by a dedicated vendor, so there is no instability caused by conflict between plugins.

  • QuickBuild has enterprise-level support, so if something goes wrong, you can get help.

  • Jenkins is community supported, so you often find yourself fixing the bugs you find.

  • Jenkins functionality may go out of support if the user who developed it loses interest.

  • Jenkins has no solution testing of features/plugins to ensure they work together; if something breaks, you are on your own.

robinshen ADMIN ·

Thanks for the comment. Really appreciated!

jclx ·

It would be nice to have detailed comparison on the main website. Is it available there.

One feature we leverage a lot if overriding variables and steps.
We also create our own plugins.

We have had people join our company that were Jenkins users and once they saw benefits of QuickBuild,
they were amazed at all the features and wish they had them at previous companies.
And QB price is worth every penny.

thang.dv2 ·

It's better if we have community development. Many customized plugins are good. it may contribute for all.