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Status build update fails #4265

tung.nh1 ·

Dear Quickbuild Admin.
Currently, my quickbuild system updated build status/script is fails.
After I refresh, build status/content of script... loading wrong
Example: I cancel my build, then refresh build, the build status can be changed to sometimes running, or sometime cancel
We already increase heap memory size but I can not the root cause
Could you help me reslove problem ?

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tung.nh1 ·
robinshen ADMIN ·

When you cancel a build, it might take a while for the build to be actually cancelled. If this is not true at your side, please check if there are any errors in QB server log.

thang.dv2 ·

It is a mistake of my side related to close SessionManager, Please ignore this VOC.
Thank you so much for your help!

tung.nh1 ·

We found problem which mr.thang replied.
Thank you