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how to send files from node to another node #4271

segma1900 ·

hi all
let say i have a configuration (A) that triggers another configuration (B). configuration A has a file that need to be send to the node that is running B how i can send the file from A node to B node. i try Pre-Execute Action on the trigerbuild step

grid.transgerFiles(grid.localNode, configuration.workspaceDir.absolutePath,"artifacts/**",grid.serverNode,configuration.workspaceDir.absolutePath, true, false, null, null);

but i am not sure how to do it since i cannot find any documentation to follow

thank you

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robinshen ADMIN ·

transferFiles is considered to be a low level API which should not be used in normal cases. For your scenario, you may add an artifacts publishing step to publish A's artifacts, and define a quickbuild repository in B to retrieve A's artifacts, and then checkout that repository in B.